iFerry FAQ

You Asked…Frequently Asked Questions
As questions are submitted to iFerry, we will summarize and answer them here.

iFerry is no longer offered. We apologize for the inconvenience. The technology was sold and is currently not supported.

How much does the iFerry iPhone App cost?
The iFerry iPhone App was completely free to end users from launch through January 31, 2010. Thousands of users downloaded the app, testing features, provided feedback and were pleased with functionality. As of January 27, 2010, the price has been increased to $1.99.

Does the iFerry iPhone App include advertisements?
Previous versions of the iFerry app have included advertisements. When we discovered that advertising revenue alone would not support further development of the app, we modified our business model and began charging for the app. As a result, we will be removing advertisements from the iFerry app beginning in version 1.5, which is due for release in September, 2010. Any customers who purchased versions 1.4 or previous will receive a free upgrade to version 1.5 when it becomes available, and your iPhone/iTouch/iPad will automatically notify you when an upgrade is available.

What devices will the iFerry iPhone App work on?
The iFerry iPhone App works on any iPhone or iPod Touch with operating system version 3.0.x or higher. The iFerry application will not work on any iPod device. To determine your device’s O.S., connect the device to your computer and refer to the appropriate “Summary” page in iTunes, or go to the “Settings” area on the device itself. However, in order for the iFerry App to work on an iPod Touch, you will need a wi-fi connection (data is pulled in real-time from our servers and is not stored on the device).

How do I download the iFerry iPhone App?
The iFerry iPhone App is available for free by browsing the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can also download it to your computer through the App Store in iTunes: www.iferry.com/download (this link will open iTunes). In order to use the App Store, you must first upgrade to version 2.x of the iPhone/iPod operating system, and the latest version of iTunes.

Do I need Internet access to use iFerry?
Yes. Although schedules and other information is cached into your iPhone, alerts are downloaded in real-time so an Internet connection is necessary for full functionality.

I noticed an issue. How can I tell you about it?
In the More section of the iFerry App, you can find a form that emails us. Or you can send us an email through our website, or post to the discussion forum. The choice is yours…just be sure to tell us! We love feedback.

Will you be offering Apps for phones other than iPhone?
Yes, we hope to very soon. If you would like to suggest a phone, please contact us (and include your OS version, if you know it).

Does iFerry cover my water ferry system in [name a location]?
The iFerry iPhone App currently only covers the Puget Sound area in Seattle, Washington in the United States. We have plans to expand to water ferry systems throughout the world, both private and public. If you would like to suggest a ferry system to be added to iFerry, please contact us.